• "John was a very good teacher and presented the material is easy to understand language without always using "computer lingo." His analogies were very useful in explaining how computer systems work. I really enjoyed his teaching style." (Student in John Walther's CompTIA A+ Class)
  • “The classes were accelerated-delivery courses, but Ali’s patient, well-paced delivery really made what is a difficult course just a bit easier to digest!” (Student in Ali Wasti’s Windows Server 2008 class)

    “I really enjoy Eric's style and enthusiasm. I appreciate his sense of humor and willingness to address his student's individual needs.” (Student is Eric Sanne’s SharePoint 2010 Class)

    “Eric was terrific. He customized the course based on my level of knowledge. He provided instruction on some of the prerequisite material that I needed to understand this course. He answered every question and discussed many of the concepts with me so I could better understand the course material. He also provided diagrams on every topic so I could easily visualize how it all worked. His instruction was very thorough. I received much more information than I expected. I highly recommend Eric as an instructor for this course." (Student in Eric Sanne’s SQL 2008 course)

    “Mr.Wasti did a wonderful job once again. I gained a lot of Institutional Knowledge from his teachings.” (Student in Ali Wasti’s Windows 2008 Server)

    “Very knowledgeable to what he does, went above and beyond the class, thank you” (Student in Ali Wasti’s Windows Server 2008 Hyper-V course)

    "I had Lena for three other classes. She was wonderful. Very patient and knowledgeable" (Student for Lena Craft’s Excel 2010 class)

    "The Instructor was wonderful. She answered all questions. Class was maintained at a nice pace." (Student for Lena Craft’s Excel Class)

    "David was a great instructor. Would be glad to attend his classes in the future." (Student in David Henley’s Project 2010 class)

    "Great teacher always kept the class interesting throughout." (Student in Donn Norwood’s InfoPath class)

    "As the only KRemote student in this class, David made a point to include me in the lectures and exercises." (Student in David Henley’s Project class)

    "Mr. Norwood was probably one of the best instructors I've had in the last 10 years of my government career even though he was teaching on a topic I was overly familiar with." (Student in Donn Norwood’s Excel 2007 class)

    "Ms. Craft was very knowledgeable on the topic and very helpful! She is an excellent educator and a great facilitator to learning." (Student in Lena Craft’s PowerPoint 2007 class)

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