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Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming using Apex

[ Course No. ADM-231 - 5 Days]


This course is designed for Salesforce administrators who would like to learn the basics of implementing business logic using Apex, the primary programming language of the Salesforce platform. First,you'll learn how to read Apex code and then you'll gradually increase your programming skills from writing single debugging statements to programming multiple, multi-line blocks of code.

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Administration Essentials for Experienced Admins is designed for:

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When you complete this course, you'll be able to:

  • Describe use cases for Apex
  • Install and use the IDE, a tool for Apex development.
  • Write, test, and migrate applications containing debugging statements, Apex classes, Apex triggers, and SOQL queries.
  • Create, read, update, and delete data using Apex DML.
  • Describe how governor limits manage shared resources and impact Apex programming.
  • Prerequisites

Course participants should be familiar with the Salesforce User Interface.


Module 1: Introduction to Apex

  • Overview, include Apex usage scenarios, the development lifecycle, and execution methods
  • An introduction to object-oriented programming, classes, and objects
  • Installation and development using the IDE

Module 2: Apex Building Blocks

  • Classes, variables and methods, and data objects
  • Data objects and relationships between objects
  • Apex variables, data types, and expressions
  • Best practices for formatting, commenting, and naming conventions

Module 3: Apex Class Construction

  • Classes and objects, including passing and returning variables, encapsulation, conditions and logic flow control, loops, and exception handling

Module 4: Apex Triggers

  • Introduction to Apex triggers, including when to use a trigger, order of execution, creation and development considerations, and governors and limitations

Module 5: Retrieving and Manipulating Application Data

  • Retrieve application data using queries, written in SOQL or SOSL
  • Insert, update, merge, and delete records using Apex data manipulation language (DML)

Module 6: Testing, Debugging, and Application Lifecycle

  • Debugging scenarios, methods, and tools
  • Test classes, unit testing, testing requirements and strategies, and considerations and best practices
  • Deployment checklist, preparation steps, and tools

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