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ITIL 2011 Service Lifecycle - Service Strategy

[ Course No. ITIL11-SS - 4 Days]

  • Course Overview

Participants will learn the principles and core elements along with the activities and technology& implementation considerations within the Service Strategy stage of the Service Lifecycle. An interactive approach is used combining lecture, discussion and case study experience to prepare participants for the ITIL Intermediate Service Strategy certification exam as well as providing valuable practical knowledge that can be rapidly applied in the workplace. Quint Wellington Redwood's integrated case study deepens the participant's appreciation of how ITIL best practices can be applied in order to improve IT performance. Practical assignments are used throughout the course to enhance the learning experience.

  • Audience Profile

CIOs, CTOs, managers, supervisory staff, team leaders, designers, architects, planners ,IT consultants, IT audit managers and IT security managers involved in the ongoing management, coordination and integration of strategizing activities within the Service Lifecycle.

  • At Course Completion

Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • The logic of value-creation within the context of the ITIL Service Lifecycle
  • Strategic assets of an organization and their performance potential for serving particular customers or market spaces (internal or external)
  • Formal definitions of services suitable for planning and execution across the Service Lifecycle
  • Service valuation, demand modeling, service provisioning and analysis, and business impact analysis
  • Service Portfolio Management, methods, and processes related to service management and services
  • High-level strategies for demand management that can be supported by capabilities across the Service Lifecycle
  • How Service Strategy is driven through and informed by other elements of the Service Lifecycle
  • Prerequisites

An ITIL Foundation certificate and preferably two years work experience in an IT Service Management environment.

  • Applicable Exams

ITIL® Service Strategy

  • Course Outline

Module 1: Introduction to Service Strategy


  • The purpose,goals and objectives of service strategy
  • The scope of service strategy
  • The value to the business
  • The context of service strategy in relation to all other lifecycle stages

Module 2: Service Strategy Principles


  • The ability to decide on a service strategy
  • How to utilize the four P's of service strategy
  • How to define services, create value and leverage the combined use of utility and warranty
  • How to use service economics and sourcing strategies when meeting business outcomes

Module 3: Service Strategy Processes


  • The management level concepts for the five service strategy processes and how they flow and integrate with the life cycle
  • The purpose, scope and objectives of each service strategy process sand how they link to value for the business

Module 4: Governance


  • The ability to analyze IT governance and use it to set strategy by leveraging governance frameworks, bodies

Module 5: Organizing FOR Service Strategy


  • The ability to create an organizational design using the relevant development and departmental methods

Module 6: Technology Considerations


  • Understand the relevance and opportunities for service automation and the importance and application of technology interfaces across the lifecycle

Module 7: Implementing Service Strategy


  • Develop implementation strategies that follow a lifecycle approach (e.g. design, transition, operation and improvement, programmes).

Module 8: Challenges, Critical Success factors and Risks


  • The ability to provide insight and guidance for strategic challenges, risks and critical success factors


  • Sample Exams
  • Feedback
  • Recap

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