Knowlogy Seminar Series

A 1 Day Intensive Seminar for US / State / Local Government / Contractors / First Responders

Sept. 28, 2016 · Wash. DC Metro Area · $595 per person w/lunch · 9am-3pm · Sponsor:  Nextec, Inc.

Presenter: One of the World’s Foremost Experts in Counter Terrorism – Mr. Doron Benbenisty

Founder & Owner of CRI Counter Terrorism Training School in Las Vegas, NV

The Facts

*Al Qaeda & ISIS-motivated radical Islamic terrorists are openly & strongly committed to bringing death & destruction into our nation & lives.

*They have done so in: Boston, MA · San Bernardino, CA · Orlando, FL along with other US locations.

*Additional US-based homegrown terrorists & terrorist organizations – smaller to larger -- also have similar lethal motivations & commitments, & have carried out numerous acts of terroristic violence nationwide.

*The result of these developments is an increased likelihood of one or more devastating terrorist attacks aimed at hard as well as soft targets within the US in the short to medium-term future.  


Our Response                                                                            

*Given the current security threats that Americans now face daily, it is essential for government employees, contractors and first responders at all levels to acquire and appropriately apply expert knowledge to mitigate such dangers.  Doing so really is power -- and can be life-saving as well. 

*Specific knowledge you need to effectively counter numerous physical security threats & how to appropriately tailor this information to specific contexts is presented in this innovative Nextec seminar. 


Seminar Topics                                                                          

*Modern Terrorism Threats & Trends

*Homegrown Terrorism Detection & Prevention

*Managing Multi-Terrorist Attack Events

*Properly Preparing Fire & Medical Emergency Responders, Hospitals, Government Agencies & Officials, Law Enforcement, & the Military to More Effectively Handle Terrorist Events

*Developing a Comprehensive Domestic Terrorism Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) Document for Your Organization

*Future Terrorist Attack Modi Operandi (MOs) & Ways to Defeat Them

*Lessons learned from Israel & the CRI Counter Terrorism Training School (which has, since 2000, contributed tremendously to improving the safety and security of individuals & organizations worldwide)

Participants must be government employees, contractors or first responders working at the federal, state or locals levels 

A copy of a valid government-issued photo ID such as a driver’s license is required for registration 

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